Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Launch Day

This is probably the second worst day of my life, but even if i'm really sad again, i won't let some guy to ruin my life again ...
So instead of that i will put my love into my blog
And Ladies and Gentlemen i've listed a few items on Etsy, so feel free to choose!!
I hope some of you will like it!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The emerald one

Hello there,
2 days ago i've got a new package with lovely emerald color crystals ... and i love it, cos it's amazing with bronze :) Actually i'm working on another emerald stuff, but i have to wait for the maching colored connector!
And one more thing: i've got a job, it's not far from here, so it won't get my whole time and i would like to do this whole thing with much more effort, so i hope everything will be okay :).At least my parents are happy that for alittle time i have a normal job again.
So here are the new ones:

Have fun today!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

My lovely earrings

Here they are:
I really like the bronze and the coloured glass, so elegant...

Monday, 7 February 2011


Here is an other one...
I saw a video about something like that on Youtube, but that's for earrings, but i think this would be so big, so i've made a pendant. 20 little crystals. Not easy to do the loops for all of them, but it's worth it.

Just a few things

Sorry for not posting anything for a long time ... unfortunately i was sick ... brrrbbrr ... yes
But i've managed to do a few things. 
I know that my etsy shop is still empty, but i'm working on that to. I don't want to give you something which is not okay :) 

This fabric was a left so i've tried something. I saw on Threadbanger how they make flovers, andthat gives me a lots of ideas. videos here
So here is the first:

I could use it for hairband or for bags of for anything. I have to develop it more. I think it could be nicer.
But anyway, the point is D.I.Y. :)!