Thursday, 27 January 2011

And it will looks like something like this

Yes, dear reader these will be the first pictures of my new project. I have to tell you why i've chosen earring. I'm not really a jewellry fan (unfortunately i have allegy), because sometimes people think that if you put so many nacklaces or rings or anything to you, you will be prettier. Actually, i think NO. The point is that, you should wear one/two and that has to be special! Something strange, unusual shape, just a little extra which makes you more attractive.
So i try to make not so spectecualar, but nice items. I have so many ideas, what you should wear as an earring. I try to make one or two from one item. I think you don't want to run into the same earrings on every corner.
I will show you some of my items, which you can buy on etsy, if you like. (soon):

That's all for now!
I have to get ready with all the other pictures, so ...
Have a nice day!


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