Thursday, 13 January 2011

Let's start!

Hello Everybody!

This is going to a blog about my etsy shop and everything i like with pictures and music and everything else.
First i have to tell you, this is a new project in my life. After graduation i started to work at the bigest company in the world. But after seven months i took a deep breath and i gave up my job to do something more interesting with my life and with my dreams.
I've never wanted to be an economist. I always felt that i can't express myself and this job didn't help me at all. I've seen lot of things which i hope will help me when i will do my own business. It wasn't easy and i still try to find myself and i fight with the world and with my parents. I don't have a normal job :)
I don't want a whole empire or be the biggest or the best, but till i'm happy with what i'm doing, it's okay for me :). I've chosen this start of my business, because it's not sure that i'm going to live in the country where i live now. But thank God in our world with the Internet everything is possible from any part of the world.

I would like to try so many things in the creative world and i hope i will have time and money. I've got so many ideas, so i will try to keep you updated! I don't know what i would like to do, but two things are sure i really like earrings, and vintage things, even if i don't act like the people who like fashion :). 
I like unique things which is not one of the dozen. And of course i'm a big green fan ... a.k.a. i would like to do something which help us understand how we can live in greener world. That's an interesting question :). My biggest dream to built a community where we can buy eco-design products, that would be fun and useful :).

As soon as i will have the picuters from my "products" we should start on etsy!!!
I hope you will enjoy your time here, if you have any ideas or anything which you would like to share, please leave a comment!
Thanks a lot for your help!
That's all for now!


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