Tuesday, 25 January 2011

What is your inspiration?

That's a good question ...
I think every one of us has an inspiration ... people, smells, lights, feelings ... and yes, music...
For me that's the biggest one ... when i'm listening to music, i alwasy feel that i'm in a different position, in a different country, and i have a new life. I'm a non-stop music listener :)
I have a virtual memory (if anybody wants that, please don't do it ... it's terrible) so when i close my eyes -  now that my head is full of earing and necklace ideas -  i can see them. And when music comes that sapes start to move. Wow.
I really like indie music (from the great old UK, Canada, Scandinavia, Australia and sometimes from my little country Hungary), they are really great. These mucis have something to say and they are out of the ordinary. If i can be anything, i would be a music
Here are some music which i'm listening right now:
Two Doors Cinema Club (find it on ChinaShop  - a really great site for people who love art) - then i realized i've heard in the radio:
(thanks to Sony Music, i can only show you the link)

And the other on is Angus and Julia Stone from Australia:
(actually, this is crazy, cos i can't embed this video either ...)

So one thing is music, the other one is reading. Now i'm collecting blogs and pages about design and handmade stuff. We can learn a lot of things from the others. We shouldn't really think about them as "enemy", but inspiration. I will share you with some really great blogs in the recent future.

Actually that's a really interesting question, if you have any other ideas you can share. I know that now, that not many people read this blog, but who knows :)

Okay, that's all for now!

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