Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Keep your things in order!!!!

That's a really good sentense, but not for me. Okay i like to put my things in order, and sometimes i throw everything out. I know that is not a very good sign, but i don't like the order. Sometimes i think, that i need so many things, so i can't put them into order, or put my beads back into the jars. Yes, i know that's not good, but i haven't do any investment yet - actually i haven't decided about staying in the country yet. (actually i have really great plans about a glass table and things like that). It would be great to have so many beads and stuff like that. But i'm just a beginner now.
So this is how it looks now: (or the part of it):
notebook+tea+coffee+tools+crystal beads ... etc

So now you can see my desk. Not so many things. I'm still waiting for about 40 packeges from everywhere.

That's all for today!

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