Monday, 17 January 2011

Let's study - a little "how to start your business" lesson

Today i've realized that i have to learn how to use Photoshop ... actually i know who to use, but i want to be better. And i have a lot of freetime now, so it won't hurt, and actually i'm not a big photographer, don't have a really good camera.
I have to tell you, that i'm not a marketing expert, even i've learned it and i really enjoyed the classes.
I think, for a good business you really have to know how to sell yourself and your product. People always like shiny and attractive things, even the content is rubbish. How many times did you by something, because it looked great? That's our world, how it's working, we can't do anything about it.
One think we can do is to show the best profile ourselves. I really like old/vintage looking pictures and home pages where you can see, it's something out of the ordinary. If we can't be the biggest and the best company in the world, be something special.
When you start you own business you have to decide what do you want and in what you are better than the others. Two things:
  • you sell thing which is cheaper than anything else ... in most of the countries (for example in the Middle of Europe) people don't have so much money to spend, so they will probably buy the cheaper product, most of the time with bad quality and from far countires (China and the asian region). That's another question where that money will go, but that's not the topic now. In this case it's sure that the product won't be unique.
  • or you can do something really interesting, which is rare or new among the products ... okay probably these items will be more expensive. But the point is in this case it has to be unique!!! A hand made item or a product which you can't buy everywhere or something that has offer you a bigger value. 
Actually i always want to be in the second group. So if you have decided in which group you would like to go, you can start to orgainze the business. Actually you can start you business plan :) Sounds interesting, right?
I think the most important part is that you have to be faithful to what are you doing and don't change the main part of the plan. I know that the world and the economy are changing really quickly. But we can't change our mind in every other minute. In that case the whole thing will be a mess. 
In my case i've decided that i would like to do something arts&crafts :), i would like to do something with art. I also know that i like rare things. So i will do handmade items. I also know that i don't like cheap things, so even i don't have so much money i try to by glass stuff instead of acryl. That's a start.
And so on you can think about your own start!! I won't tell any of my ideas, beacuse that's a secret! :)
That's all for now! It's going to be a long entry!

Next time cont......

Bye for now!


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